Tuesday, June 09, 2009

That kind of a day

My post this morning on Twitter “cool, rain, dark, glum - coffee, yarn, chair, fire - what more could one ask?”

Apparently my friends in CT got some nasty weather.  We just got the aforementioned.   Although sitting in front of the fire seemed to be a logical thing for a day like today, it was not to be.

Out Tolland Ladies Aid meeting is on Thursday afternoon and evening and we are to make hydrotufa pots.  My brainy idea.  It’s been nothing but Trouble, with a capital T.  I won’t even try to get into the ways and whyfors, but today himself and I had to get our lazy selves down the hill to the lumber yard to pick up a sack of portland cement.  We took three semi-large bins with us and the nice kid in the ‘yard’ split the bag into three manageable parts for me.  Who knew that a sack of portland cement weights in at 96#?

Now, when you live where we do, you don’t go off the mountain without more than one purpose.   Guess where I went?

The one of the last times I was at Webs I bought some yarn to make a bunny egg cozy from Little Cotton Rabbits  Well, I bought the wrong yarn so needed to take care of that problem.  Then when I went for the tent sale some sock yarn jumped into my basket.  The price was mismarked in the computer and I had needed to go up there to get my credit.

While I was there I thought it would be a good idea to make good use of the spent mileage/gas money and get ready for another project.  I’ve been looking at lace.  Yes, lace.  Not for me particularly, but I think I can find someone who will be pleased to have a lace shawl or such knitted for her.  I knew that I could easily get the yarn and project sheet back into the car without being caught as I had the bag I went into the store with.  Sneaky eh? [notice my Canadian accent!]

I bought two patterns, both by Evelyn Clark for Fiber Trends.  One, Field of Flowers, a square shawl or throw.  The other, Estonian Garden, a scarf or wrap.  I also purchased three skeins of Misti Alpaca lace weight in Blue Mist.  This yarn is one of Steve’s warehouse sale items.  It is oh so soft and I am looking forward to getting it on my needles.  I would encourage you to take a long hard look at it and think about adding some to your stash right away.



Fiber Trends S-2004 Field of Flowers


Fiber Trends S-2009 Estonian Garden

On the way back down through Springfield we thought we should stop at the liquor warehouse store and stock up some more, just in case the threatened liquor, wine, and beer tax becomes a reality soon.  Ever had Yukon Jack?  It was billed as the Black Sheep of Canadian Whisky.  In the US it’s 100 proof, a honey laced whisky. 

When we got home I heated up my rice bag, put some Jack over ice and had a bit of a nap.  Fire is still going, supper is now done and I am heading back to the chair by the fire with another cuppa and my knitting.