Friday, June 12, 2009

Progress report

The week is almost over and I guess I’ve got to report in.

The garden is doing well, but the slugs are trying to beat me to the lettuce.  I have most everything in pots, but the little slimy things have invaded anyway.  I planted some lettuce starts in my one non-pot garden and it's all gone.  I guess that next time himself is seen with a beer in his hand I’ll have to pour some off to feed/drown the slimy buggers.

My flower beds are doing well and the window boxes with impatients are beginning to fill in and look showy.  All in all it has been a good spring for getting stuff going.  Just enough rain, just enough sun, just enough warm [for the plants that is].

Wednesday card nite was a blast.  There were six of us playing spite and malice.  Two of the gals had played before but could not remember for the life of them how.  It’s just a nice nite to have some fun, laugh at ourselves and not strain our brains too much.

The Ladies Aid project last night went well.  We have to wait a week or so before we can ‘unpot’ out pots and see if they actually hold together.  We all agreed though, that it mattered not.  We had a great evening, fun was had by all and when it is all said and done, that is all that really matters.

I’m slowly working my way through the porch mess.  We got the shelving up, and got some additional plastic boxes and I’ve been sorting, sorting, sorting.  I took a bag of orphans to our Southwick knit in on Thursday and the girls claimed it all.  I’ve got some more to take with me tomorrow when we have our WWKIP day event.  I’ve gotten rid of all of the tail ends of sock yarn, and also some sock yarn that I had gotten for knitting for the grandkidz. 

It has finally gotten through to me that I should not [ever] knit anything for my grandchildren but hats, scarves and mittens and I must use Encore WW yarn only.  Any other knitting that I’ve done for them has been a waste of time, effort and money.  A shame, but so it is and I have to accept it.

Tonight I found some lovely Tweedy Angora WW by Tahki Imports in my stash.  This is from a froging project and I’ve listed it on Ravelry to be sold.  It is real pretty yarn, and I have some white that goes with it.  That will get listed next.

My problem with the cleaning project is that I have TUBS and TUBS of yarn, fabric, wool for rug hooking, wool flats, quilting projects etc, etc, etc.  STUFF, just too much stuff. 

What I envision for this room is one sewing machine set up [my high end sewing/embroidery], two knitting machines [4.5mm Studio 940 and 6.5mm  Singer 150 plastic bed], a small work table for cutting and stuff, two rolling chairs and a wall of storage.   I have a wonderful faux antique cabinet that my father-in-law made for me years ago, it holds all of the books, patterns, directions and punch cards and is at the sitting room end of the porch. 

So, what to do with the fifteen tubs, the one milk crate of quilting books, and two crates of machine knitting magazines that are taking up valuable floor space and causing havoc with my plans?  Do you detect a mental health problem here?  Leave us not forget about the ‘collection’ of knitting machines that lives under the grandkidz bunk beds upstairs.  YIKES!  My husband is a saint. 

We, himself and I, occasionally have heated short discussions about his workshop, the many, many pieces of wood he keeps, the many table saws, chop saws, hand saws, screws, nuts and bolts.  It usually ends in a draw……………..

Happy World Wide Knit In Public Day [6/13]