Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look what I found

I knew it was possible, and just in time for a warm sunny day, after a long string of wet, cool, cloudy days, tada.

The ‘business’ end of the summer porch isn’t quite anywhere ready for a public view.  Give me another week of nice porch days willya?

It was a nice afternoon and evening yesterday and my friend TOS and I, tos, sat and knitted well into the night. 

TOS and tos, what is that you wonder?  We are two Sues, we are both Assessors here in Tolland and therefore are often confused at the town hall.  We began referring to ourselves as “the other Sue” to have a bit of fun.  TOS is also the Town Clerk.  My sister and I do something similar – BSS and lss.  She is the elder, and Sally; I am the younger and, well, you know my name.

Have a great rest of the weekend, I’m going to sit and knit.