Friday, May 29, 2009

Some days

One should not get out of bed.

So, I started on 'the room' mess and actually managed to get from one end to the other. That was some feat, let me tell you.

Next was to put together the shelving we had gotten from Target - two boxes of wire cubes [make 9 cubes]. First box was black wire, no connectors, didn't even count the wire pieces. Second box was white wire, it seemed complete [duh, read and count Susan]. I put it together until I ran out of parts before I was finished. Damnit, why do people return things to stores and stores don't check to see if the box is complete???
I mean, who would shoplift connectors and two side/back units?

It is took apart and will be returned. I was trying to save $ by not getting the shelving that Home Depot sells - big mistake. Now I am not going to make that mistake again - Home Depot, here I come.

That is for another day, now I shall imbibe...............

Blazing a trail - a public confession

I am making a confession to all who venture here - I am a slob, I have a bad habit of buying stuff and not often using it, I have more stuff than I have room, I have some work to do.

We have a very nice summer porch on the lakeside of our home. It's supposed to be three season, but actually it's probably more like a season and a half. BUT, when it is used as a storage room then it is a no season.

We used to have a real house, one with a basement and a garage; places to keep stuff and places to play with stuff. Now we have a revamped summer place. It has a garage, but no workshop - no basement - no place for the car cause the workshop is in the garage. No place for the off season stuff, no closets, no storage. Barely room enough to set up my sewing machine and knitting machine.

They machines are set up, but I cannot get to them.

I plan to do some organizing. Now you've seen the before pictures, I'll bet you cannot wait to see the after photos. Do you think I can do it?