Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to our normal life

Well, it appears that we, the animals and the house have survived the first week of summer babykidsitting.  The babes were safely delivered back to the parents yesterday evening.  We had cake with the birthday girl and then headed back from the flat lands of Windsor Locks to the hills of Tolland.  The house is quiet this morning.  There is cleaning to be done. 

Last Saturday I took a quickie course in Steeking at Webs.  The course was great, the instructor did a wonderful job of demonstrating and encouraging.  I went with a nice tube of knitting, came home with it in pieces.  I now understand the concept of steeking and look forward to a cutting session.

Whilst I was at Webs I wandered around looking for some deals.  I found some wonderful Misty Alpaca in the warehouse and added three skeins of it to my stash.  Details:  Misty Alpaca Worsted weight, color Chartreuse Melange, 100 g 220 yd.  I got three skeins just to put away for some small project.  Probably should have gotten more as 660 yards won’t make much.

There was a collection box in the class room with directions for making a helmet liner and a plea for donations of helmet liners to the Vermont  National Guard.  Of course I grabbed a copy of the instructions and immediately shopped for some appropriate wool.  I got two skeins of Valley Yarns Northampton worsted weight wool in black.  I’ve wanted to knit a helmet liner for a while, but the instructions always seemed daunting.  I followed some advice I was given several years ago, and just followed the directions line by line – piece-o-cake.  I see at least one more in the offing.


When we met for WWKIP I took along some yarn from my stash to knit a Kangaroo sweater.  Here it is, finished and ready to go into my ‘future’ gifts bag.  Still  needs a cute button though.


When I get bored with what I’m knitting, or just want something down-n-dirty to knit, I revert to cotton dish rags.  The latest, which was a pain to knit, is receiving rave reviews from the wash-up crew.  It’s the Morning Glory washcloth from the Lion Brand collection.  It seems to be worth the extra effort.


The day is wasting away.  I’ve got to see if the vacuum cleaner works, then pack my knitting for #Southwick knit-in and head out by noon.