Saturday, August 08, 2009

It FINALLY Stopped Raining

Suddenly there is no more rain, or so it would seem anyway. And therefore I’ve been busy celebrating summer – and not knitting anything of consequence, getting sunburned for what seems like the first time in years, beaching with the grandkidz, beaching with the Southwick Knit-in girls, and just generally goofing off.

I wanted to get myself a sit upon kayak but instead found these at LLBean and of course, could absolutely not walk away from the pink one so had to get the orange one too. There is a youtube video is you are interested


I did finally find what I wanted for me. It weights 28# and is 8’ long, just like the kid’z kayaks. It is a dream to get in and out of, real comfy to ride in and great to paddle. It is actually considered an ocean kayak.


All three are made by PelicanSport out of Canada [where else?] The Kidz ones just carry the LLBean logo.

Darling daughter planned a trip to NYC for herself and the children. I gracefully so no. SO, she mentioned it at work and they ended up being almost a bus load. I think she said there were twenty of them all together. Thankfully there was a deal on train tickets for the kidz.

Zach had one thing in mind


Lexi adopted a baby at FAOSchwartz


That was Thursday, Friday was all about grammie’s beach

lake gotfrog

All I can say about that poor frog is that he/she/it had better move to another part of the lake. Every kid who goes to that beach catches him/her/it. I wonder if anyone has tried to kiss it? Maybe I’ll paddle my pea pod kayak over there tonight, take a couple of glasses of wine, a candle and ---------

kiss the frog.