Thursday, September 15, 2005

Florida Sunsets

What I really wanted to do with this sunset was to put it in my Profile. I'm learning, I'm learning! For you folks on the 'other' coast, this is what you miss. Don't tell me about the sunrise, who wants to get up that early? Yes, I know that theyschedule Florida Sunrise later than New England Sunrise, but I still don't want to be up that early. Besides, cocktails and dinner at the beach for Sunset is much nicer than mimosas and dunkin donuts!
Goodnight sun

Who said Blogging was easy?

Here I go again, trying to be a blogger. I'm thinking, what will I post, and who will read my posts. More important, will I even be able to work my way through the maze of learning how to blog??? We shall see.

I can't let the opportunity of posting pictures slip by. Bear with me, don't let me bore you though. If you slip out the door now I will understand - just don't expect me to ever talk with you again. WOW! I did it! It landed in the wrong place this first time and I managed to move it. I'm impressed with me.

This is the 2005 version of Zach and Lexie walkin hand in hand. Lexie who is two is not going to have anything to do with walkin with Zach who is four, who therefore is absolutely sure he is the BOSS.

Now the 2004 version is much better. Lexie had just learned to walk and needed a big brother to hang onto. One thing that I've quickly discovered - adding pictures to a blog when signed on at 28.8 is downright impossible. I guess the 2004 picture will have to wait for now.