Friday, March 17, 2017

On being alone

Howard and I met when I was in seventh grade, I think. We hung out in the same neighborhood back in the day before technology. Back when we spent our free time outside.
We started to date when I was a junior in high school and he had graduated. 
We were married in 1963 at ages 21 and 22.  We were so happy, so in love. 
We had a great marriage, one based on friendship, mutual respect, and love.
I'm lonely now, I never really thought about being alone but it was inevitable that I would be. 
It's funny that things that I miss. Someone riding along on errands. Reaching over in bed in the middle of the night and finding him there. Talking about our family. Hearing the words I Love You.  Going to the dump.  Planning a meal.  All of it....
Savor every moment with the one you love.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Howard J. Moore

Howard J. Moore, 76, of Tolland, MA and Windsor, CT, beloved husband of Susan (Snelgrove) Moore, passed away Wednesday, December 28, 2016. Born in Hartford, son of the late Wilfred and Alice (Hebebrand) Moore, he was raised in Windsor and graduated from Windsor High School in 1958. He had been a letter carrier with the Windsor Post Office for over 34 years retiring in 1995. Besides his best friend and wife Susan, he leaves his daughter Leslie Moore Massaro of Windsor Locks. He was Grampy to Zachary and Alexis Massaro; beloved brother to Janet Sapolis of Windsor; and a beloved brother in law, uncle, cousin, friend, and neighbor. His family will receive friends on Monday, January 2, 2017, from 2-4 PM at the Carmon Windsor Funeral Home, 807 Bloomfield Avenue, Windsor. Burial will be at the convenience of the family in Tolland, MA. Memorial donations may be made to either Dakin Humane Society, 171 Union Street, Springfield, MA 01105 For directions or condolences please visit


Monday, April 13, 2015

Maybe you can teach an old dog

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks, or maybe not. I've been totally unsuccessful in adding multiple images to my posts. Never mind trying to place the images where I want them to be.
So I'm trying again today.

Yesterday our daughter called and said she was coming to visit, making lunch and bringing dessert.

Lunch was pork tenderloin, home fries, spring asparagas and hollindaise sauce.

Dessert, a/k/a Birthday cake was her famous Blueberry cake.

Thank you Leslie,  what a great Birthday gift.

Her blueberry cake is overloaded with blueberries and has lots and lots of butter in it. How do you say rich?
So here is the meal.  The hollindaise doesnt show, but I had a load of it on the asparagas. It was so good
These two didn't join us, but I have to share this picture. They are growing up way to quickly. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I am at the frustration stage now. I'm beginning to want to do things around the house. I can't really get to my desk.  I seem to have created three nests, one by my chair, one by the sofa and the last on the dining table.  And yet, it seems that whatever I want is either out of my reach or a wheelchair ride away.
How many times can I ask him to fetch for me?  And how totally frustrating it is when he just can't translate my request into what I want or need.
Not to mention grocery shopping, banking and etc. We both need haircuts, him especially. The mail needs getting, and the laundry and trash are piling up.
A good friend says that my level of frustration is an indication that I am not depressed. Oh goodie. 
I knit for a bit today and watched a new podcast. Mostly though, I napped. Keeping the foot elevated leads to lots of naps.
Four weeks will be down on Monday. Hoping that the next eight go by as quickly. Then I know it's going to be tough walking again.
Now that was exciting to read.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

And then this happened

Life slows down real fast when one is reduced to living on one leg. An unfortunate auto accident, not of my design, has put me out of commission until early summer. My right foot/ankle has a break on each side. I've been plated and pinned and now the healing happens.
Accident was March 1, surgery was March 17 and on March 30th I left the rehab/nursing home and came home. So far I've done a bit of spinning and read a couple of romance novels.
Each day is better than the one before.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Again

So what else is new?? It's snowing again today. More plans ruined.
This weekend is apparently a make up weekend for all the basketball games that were cancelled because of snow. I was all set to head down the hill for a 2:30 game this afternoon. Instead I sit here watching more snow come down. Yes, I could chance it, and go to the game. Problem is, it's not possible to predict what the hills will be like later on. For sure, because I choose to stay home, the storm will be a washout.
Here I sit, spinning mostly. I'm working my way through filling the third bobbin for the 3 ply for the Hiro sweater.  Talk about a long term project.  Once this bobbin is filled, I have just the last of the three colors to spin for the colorwork.  Then there is the knitting. Hopefully I won't get bored and will finish this sweater for next fall. 
I'm dreaming as I spin. Spring shearing is coming up and I want a white Cotswold and one other white fleece. The cotswold will be for woven rugs,  and the other for dyeing and as yet to be imagined knitting.
I have 2.8# of gray cotswold to process. I'll be interested to see how much weight it looses in the washing. It's heavy with lanolin and it seems like the last batch lost at least 1/3, perhaps 4/10ths of its weight.  I want the white to go with this for rug weaving.
I'm going to try to insert a photo of Tigger Who was asking permission to get in my lap this morning.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spinning for weaving

Tonight I finished cable plying 296 yards of Polworth. Have it in a real hot bath, with a splash of pine tree oil in the rinse.  It will be for a weaving project.