Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My feet

Blogger and I are having issues. I wanted this photo to be in yesterday's post, but alas I am not apparently up to the task. The learning curve for getting photos and words on the same page here is above me. I can knit socks, I can knit lace, I can run a home and raise a family, but I cannot get my blog photos to land where I want! Oh well!
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walkin version 2006

It seems that it's getting more and more difficult getting these two to pose for their 'annual' Walkin photo. This fall Zachary was in some strange kind of mood. He wanted to stoop like an old man.

Knitting in my sleep

I spent a good deal of time last night and this morning machine knitting. Would be great except the machine is in the box and I was in bed.
I don't know if I don't sleep because my mind is so busy, or my mind is keeping me busy when I can't sleep.
What was on my mind this particular time was the question - how do I do the Tuck stitch on the Brother 350 manual machine? Do you have nights like that, times when you just want to 'go at it' and maybe then you would be able to sleep? I know that if I had a craft room that was away from the bedroom I would have been giving it a go instead of just thinking.
Tonight's problem may be the same, considering the machine is still packed away. I have hand knitting to finish and cannot tempt myself. I guess I should get movin on the hand projects so I can solve that problem.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's just been One of Those Days

Today should have been a great day. It all began quite normally. I woke early, the dawg had taken over my share of the bottom of the bed, and, knowing that it would be a losing battle to try to get her to move - I left.
The coffee perked and didn't spill over the counter. It was not raining. I found the PIN for my debit card. Things were definately looking towards a good day.
The phone rang. It seems that our grandcat died during the night. Well, that sure is not the kind of news you want to hear early in the morning or at all for that matter. This was totally unexpected, he hadn't been sick, he was only three, yadayada. He was just there in the living room for the babes to find, stiff!
Any other problems today were pale by comparison. I had been working on the latest sweater project for our grandaughter, but put that aside when I took my coffee out to the patio. I had my Morehouse Farms merino sock. Opps! is that a free and easy stitch just hanging there about fifteen rows back? Sure nuff it was. Tore that back and picked up the stitches and then it was off for a haircut.
I managed to get out and back without any further problems. Back to the patio, back to the sock. I commented to himself when I got back to where I had discovered the stitch only to discover that I had added a guessed it, about fifteen rows back. Being the anal person I am, I could not be content with a simple knit two together so - it was back to the frog pond. Said sock project is having a time out right now and I am back to working on the sweater.
Notes on the sweater. I didn't trust the pattern directions on the sleeve decreases so did my own thing - had to take out about six inches of that baby too! But that was yesterday.
Guess what, it's raining...........

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Walkin ver 2004

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Perhaps It's Time

Perhaps it's time to get down to the business of blogging for real. A look back to my earliest posts shows that I tried, and gave up!

As I wander round the net, reading other's blogs, I think of what I want to share. I think, wouldn't it be great if I could post a photo of this, or that? Shouldn't I be linking to my blog when I post a comment?

So, here goes, again!