Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On motherhood, daughterhood, birthdays and anniversaries

Today is our daughter’s birthday.  She would rather that I don’t mention the number.  I won’t.  But next year is her 40th. 

Happy Birthday Leslie

My mother passed away when I was twelve.  I guess that was a traumatic time to lose a parent, especially a mother.  I could not tell you how that loss changed me as a person.  My sister and I have frequent discussions about our memories of home.  Sal is four years older than me, so has a different take on life with mom.  My memories are of gardens, listening to Babar, reading Winnie the Pooh, basically all good stuff.  Sal remembers a mother who killed herself with booze.  I guess I am the lucky one.

But, is it lucky to go through life without a mother?  I think not.  No one to celebrate my accomplishments the way a mother would.  No one to sit with my Dad at our Wedding.  No one to shop with for stuff for our first house. 

No one to hold me when I cried because we could not get pregnant.  No one to talk with as we worked our way through the adoption process.  No grandmother for Leslie.  No unconditional love.

August the 18th is the Anniversary of the day that our lives changed.  August the 18th is the day that our daughter was placed in our arms.  I am eternally grateful to the birthmother who gave her baby away.  Who made a decision that would affect us all.  Her name is Susan too, she has come into our lives and left again.  I wonder what she is thinking about today.  Thank you Susan, from the bottom of my heart.