Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just another rainy day in the hills of Western Massachusetts


It doesn’t look like much does it?  I’m hoping that it will look better when it’s not wet for blocking.  It’s Double Seed Stitch Cardigan, designed by Rosemary Drysdale for Tahki Stacy Charles. a/k/a Cotton Classic Cardigan.

It is knit with, not Cotton Classic as the pattern suggests, but Berroco Comfort DK.  It has a much softer drape than the sample that we saw at WEBS. which was knit with the Cotton Classic.  I’m hoping that the switch in yarns, such a drastic one, was not a mistake.  It was an easy knit, and the Berroco Comfort is a joy to work with.  You and I know though that nylon and acrylic really don’t block.

When was the last time, you as a child, or a parent said/heard “mom can I have that'?”  “mom will you buy that for me?”  “mom will you knit that for me?”  It was the last, will you that I heard from our daughter that day at WEBS.  Softy that I am, I said sure, lets pick out some yarn.  I really only took two weeks to knit, and a few hours to put together, with several weeks in between when it languished in my knitting basket waiting for me to be in the mood to get to that putting together.

Today is her Birthday and it will be her present.  She won’t get it until tomorrow though.  She is partying with the work crowd after work and I’m playing cards tonight.  We both have our priorities.  Tomorrow I will bring the sweater and cake.

I’ve got some goodies to share. 

A friend, TOS gave me this tiny Doll House size crocheted afghan and quilt rack.  It was among the collection of her aunt, who probably made it.  That’s a dime for size.

CIMG0499 CIMG0497

This is my Saturday pudding.  Served Saturday nite for company.  It’s Rhubarb Pudding Cake, a cinch to make and oh so good.


I love my Polish pottery.  Zanger’s warehouse is just down the road from our daughter’s house.  My car often pulls into their parking lot as I try to drive past.  It’s not far from I-91 in Windsor Locks, worth the stop I think.

I’ve been talking about lace on Twitter.  Today I said that knitting lace is like trying to go uphill on ice with your Sunday school shoes on.  I’m working on the easy section of my first lace weight, lace project and spending lots of time tinking.  I’ve also read ahead in the instructions and am thinking that I am going to need some help.  Problem is, the yarn is Shadow from Knit Picks, so I can’t approach any LYS for help.  I’ve joined a lace group on Ravelry thinking they might be there to back me up.  I’m sure though, that if I just follow the line by line instructions I will be fine – I hope!


Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and lace. 

Time to think about supper and then out to play cards.