Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Monday

The sun is shining through the slider on my back.  Dawg is laying by my side in a beamer.

The kidz slept in this morning.  Believe it or not, I was the first one up today, grampy was second and the babes dragged themselves down last.  They got a good twelve hours last nite – so today should be a good day.

These are the faces we like love to see at the breakfast table.


  Ragamuffin Lexi with her pink cast.


Zach contemplating the next spoonfull.


Pooh asleep between bowls.

Guess I need to reset the time stamp on the camera.

We are already looking forward to going to the library at two.  Zach is out the door, going to push the hand mower up and down the hill.  Lexi, our independent one, suddenly needs Grammie to do up her shorts and tie her shoes.  She did brush her hair though.  The cast is getting in the way of life………………….  Our usual days at the beach may be a problem. 

Hopefully I will get in some knitting time today and tomorrow whilst the kidz are here.  Truth be known though, my right hand is killing me from all the knitting, so a break would probably not be a bad idea.

I am on the hunt for a ‘jumbo’ Sequence game – one that himself can see.  And, we need to get Zach a new reel.  He needs one that won’t magically get inself into a tangle at each cast.  Someone mentioned a Zebco. 

Zach’s birthday is the 18th so I’ve got a while.  BUT in the same respect, it would be nice to have one here for the next two Sunday/Monday/Tuesday visits.  Maybe I’ll try to explain early gifts to him today.  Now to find one.  I know they can be had to Cabelas, but don’t relish a trip to East Hartford.  Hoping I can find one at Wally World.  Guess I’ll let my fingers do the walkin.