Monday, April 13, 2015

Maybe you can teach an old dog

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks, or maybe not. I've been totally unsuccessful in adding multiple images to my posts. Never mind trying to place the images where I want them to be.
So I'm trying again today.

Yesterday our daughter called and said she was coming to visit, making lunch and bringing dessert.

Lunch was pork tenderloin, home fries, spring asparagas and hollindaise sauce.

Dessert, a/k/a Birthday cake was her famous Blueberry cake.

Thank you Leslie,  what a great Birthday gift.

Her blueberry cake is overloaded with blueberries and has lots and lots of butter in it. How do you say rich?
So here is the meal.  The hollindaise doesnt show, but I had a load of it on the asparagas. It was so good
These two didn't join us, but I have to share this picture. They are growing up way to quickly.