Saturday, April 11, 2015


I am at the frustration stage now. I'm beginning to want to do things around the house. I can't really get to my desk.  I seem to have created three nests, one by my chair, one by the sofa and the last on the dining table.  And yet, it seems that whatever I want is either out of my reach or a wheelchair ride away.
How many times can I ask him to fetch for me?  And how totally frustrating it is when he just can't translate my request into what I want or need.
Not to mention grocery shopping, banking and etc. We both need haircuts, him especially. The mail needs getting, and the laundry and trash are piling up.
A good friend says that my level of frustration is an indication that I am not depressed. Oh goodie. 
I knit for a bit today and watched a new podcast. Mostly though, I napped. Keeping the foot elevated leads to lots of naps.
Four weeks will be down on Monday. Hoping that the next eight go by as quickly. Then I know it's going to be tough walking again.
Now that was exciting to read.