Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sisters of the Fleece

Sisters of the Fleece

Have you ever spun, spun out of control.  Well, I have, and I'm back.

Now I am spinning in a different way,  I am spinning with a spinning wheel and wool fleece.  I've found a calming hobby, one that allows me some ability to be creative, one that leads to my next hobby - knitting.

Several months ago I read an article in an online magazine that led me to find source for fleece and roving right from the farm, a farm in Alma, Michigan.  I began a timid friendship with Cary of Serenity-farms and it's been a great time, getting to know her.

Sisters of the Fleece roving
Cary and I got together late this winter and shared some very dark brown alpaca I had, and two lamb fleece from her corriedale flock.  See her post where she speaks of it.  We have decided to call our roving Sisters of the Fleece and we are having a spin along/sock along. We are using a pattern that Cary wrote up for her coffee house knitting group.  There are coffee cups around the cuff and at the heel, so cute, I cannot wait to have my yarn ready to go for this one.

I've never spun for socks before.  Certainly not fine enuf to have fingering yarn.  I'm not sure that will be what I get, but I am trying.  Cary suggests that she might do a three ply but then will have sport weight or so.  I will try too, just because I have much to learn from her when it comes to spinning for socks.
fine, but probably not fine enuf
working towards 100 grams
I have one bobbin full, 100 grams which is probably enuf for a pair of socks.  The next two bobbins will each be around 50 grams each.  I also have some white corriedale from Cary that I am going to spin for the coffee cups motif.  

It's great fun having a email pal/blog pal again.  I so miss my Florida genealogy/quilting/gardening friend Wanda.  We had a wonderful fulfilling friendship, but God had greater plans for her.  Since the internet, the world has gotten so much smaller. 

Time for tea.