Friday, May 29, 2009

Some days

One should not get out of bed.

So, I started on 'the room' mess and actually managed to get from one end to the other. That was some feat, let me tell you.

Next was to put together the shelving we had gotten from Target - two boxes of wire cubes [make 9 cubes]. First box was black wire, no connectors, didn't even count the wire pieces. Second box was white wire, it seemed complete [duh, read and count Susan]. I put it together until I ran out of parts before I was finished. Damnit, why do people return things to stores and stores don't check to see if the box is complete???
I mean, who would shoplift connectors and two side/back units?

It is took apart and will be returned. I was trying to save $ by not getting the shelving that Home Depot sells - big mistake. Now I am not going to make that mistake again - Home Depot, here I come.

That is for another day, now I shall imbibe...............