Sunday, April 05, 2009

When is Spring?

The calendar says its Spring.  The seasons say its Spring.  The weather isn’t quite so sure.

And why, he wants to know, is it April 5 and we are still listening to March madness?  Our roots are in Connecticut and we are UConn Husky ladies basketball fans.  We are proud of the program, think it’s something that Connecticut can brag about.  Go Huskies……. 37 to 24 at the half with Stanford.

I have been getting antsy about quilting of late.  I know, I know, I was searching for the bottom of the knitting basket.  Well, I was naughty and looked at some quilting sites on the net, and it was all over.  Don’t worry though, the fabric stash is stashed in such a way that I won’t be starting any quilting any time soon.  First we need some warm days so I can do a serious clean up of the ‘studio’.   What studio you ask?  Look out that double door, see it?  It’s there along with enuf yarn to circle the world and then go to the moon at least once, enuf magazines  and books on knitting, machine knitting and quilting to reach the tipity top of the beanstalk.   Wool for rug hooking you say,  Oh, you spied that out there.  You’re good, I thought it was buried so deep it wouldn’t ever be found.  See the dollhouse over there?  OMG there is no way that I will even get this stuff organized in my lifetime, nevermind use it up.

What quilts are getting me excited about quilting again.  Nothing that stretches my ability, just something easy and comfortable to have around the house.  My quilts are like zucchini, getting difficult to give them away.

Quilt 1 would be Cobblestone 1, shown here in scraps, but mine will be done in batik to help get rid of that collection of fabrics.

Quilt 2 would be Disappearing Nine Patch.  This will be a scrappy quilt.  I think I will probably make the blocks of the nine patch 4 or 5 inches so I will have either a 12 or 15 inch block.

Quilt 3 would be Majestic Mountains or some layout of that base block but done square.  Several years ago our quilt group at Royal Coachman Campground in Florida was doing raw edge homespun quilts.  I bought the fabric but never got the gettup and go.  I think, if I can find it, that there is enough fabric to make up this quilt in at least a twin size.

50/26 huskies with 14 minutes to go.  Is it safe to go to bed?  Listening you lose some of the fun of the game.