Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ice Out

Actually the ice has been out for a few days now.  All of a sudden it was gone.  One day it was there, almost translucent, with a large crack going from shore to shore.  The next day there was ice from the middle of the lake to the other side, but our side was clear.  By the end of that day the ice had come to visit with us.  Next day, gone, just gone. 

We’ve been visited all winter by grey, black and red squirrels on our deck.  They are fun to watch but are little hogs about the sunflower seed.  They quickly climb up the side of the house and get onto the feeder, sending seeds showering down to the deck for all to share. 

Now that it’s a bit warmer we have a chippy who apparently is out of hibernation.  He/she is alone and is so cute.  Friends a couple of doors down trained a chippy to hand feed.  I seem to recall that went on for four or so years.

We put up a new metal core cotton cloths line last week.  Our clothesline tree came down in the December ice storm.  A younger friend was nice enough to stop by and put the hook in the tree and set the line up on that end.  I had dreams of sheets blowing in the breeze.  Our last line was just Para shoot cord and was put up for the sole purpose of getting the bird stuff away from the squirrels.  That was a joke, the little devils are great high wire walkers.  Anyway, we put a suit cake on the clothsline and pushed it out.  The line is probably 45 feet long.  After a day we had raveled cotton cord on each end.  Someone thought they could chew the line down I guess.  So much for my clothsline. 

I’m trying a new way of posting for the Blog.  I read about using Windows Live Writer and that it is easier to use than Blogger.  One of my problems with Blogger is posting photos.  I can’t seem to get them to land where I want.  So now I shall try posting a photo here.  Let’s see what I have to post. 

Wow, that worked great!  The pink scarf is one I made of my Lexi.  I found the yarn at Webs in the warehouse.  It just jumped out at me, it was Lexi, girly girl.  Told her mom what I was up to and was told to make sure it was long enough.  She also wanted to know if it was a nice bright pink and I assured her that it was.  Well, Lexi says it is too long and itches.  I have it back in my closet now.

The blue gloves are made of either Lopi lite or Webs yarn.  They were made for a friends four year old son.  He loves them.  See, I can do some stuff right!

I am pleased with how my quest to find the bottom of my knitting basket is coming along.  Problem is, spring is upon us and the garden calls.  I’m also getting the itch to piece a quilt, having my eye on something easy like Disappearing nine patch.

Look at my progress losing weight.  I’ve actually noticed that one of my rolls is GONE.  Can life get any better than that?