Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello, I'm Daisy

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Hello, I'm Daisy. I am from Texas, I was a rescue dog. They say that I am just about the sweetest thing going, and I believe them.
I've been up here in the Massachusetts hills for about a month now. Not a bad place to be, all things considered. The trip up here was a bit trying, but once that was over all was well. We have a lake here. Well, in Texas we would have called it a small puddle or a watering hole, certainly not a lake. I'm learning to swim by myself now that the summer people are leaving.

My friend Kohl is arriving from Texas on Saturday and I can't wait to show him the water. He is used to swimming in salt water I think, so this will be new to him.

I don't want you to think that it's all fun a games around here. There is this cat who thinks he is the boss of everyone who comes across the threshold. His name seems to be Tigger,

they call him Kittykitty, and refer to him as TDC which is a polite way of saying That Damn Cat. He and I race around the house a couple of times a day, we scatter the rugs and make a mess of everything.