Sunday, December 27, 2009

And another one bit the dust

Holiday meal that is. 

Today we had “Christmas at the Lake”.   We were blessed with a warm day so that we were able to use the summer porch, opening the room up to the house and using an electric heater to take the nip off. 

The house was bulging at the seams with happy family.  Four generations.  It used to be that when someone bragged about four generations I thought someone must be really olde.  Well, now that I am a member of the ‘older generation’ I can tell you that I was misled.  Someone is not ‘really’ olde, just kinda olde.

We had enough food to feed an army and have some leftover for a navy too.  Once, back when I was a bride, I ran out of roast before the platter made it around the table – never again, never again.

As each of the families left we checked to make sure that they had their kidz in the car.  Then somehow our daughter and son-in-law managed to slip out without their two. It’s bedtime now, and I am off to listen to Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the gazillenth time.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.