Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Did August go? One day it's August 8th and the children are paddling the lake in their kayaks and the next day it's September the 2nd and they have been in school for three days. When did the school systems decide that they could steal the last week of summer?

So, I'm officially no longer the summer [of 09] sitter from Sunday through Tuesday. I didn't get fired, I got eased out by school. I am sure that if we lived closer I would be the after school grammie, no, I know that for a fact! But we chose to live up here in the hills and they chose to live down in the flatland. Most likely a good thing for all of us.................

I would post their first day photos here, but haven't gotten them yet. Mayhaps I should check Facebook and see if they are there to STEAL. Found them! BUT, now have to study how to add them, and they aren't even Leslie's photos. Maybe Leslie will send some to me when she reads this post. Can I make her feel guilty? NOT! She has learned how to fend off my attempts at that. I guess because I'm not really a Jewish mama.

Last night TOS and I went down the hill and met my daughter at the cinema. We saw Julie and Julia, or is it Julia and Julie? At any rate, it was a great movie. Have to say though that Leslie couldn't relate to it the way we did. Leslie does not watch cooking shows on PBS. I was disappointed that Julie never got to meet Julia and resolve the issue of her blog.

If you are into old fashioned fun you might want to wander over to the Craft Sanity etsy shop and look at her wooden looms. Ahem, I've already order a couple and am now waiting patiently for her to post her rug size looms. Jennifer has just quit her day job as a journalist and is staying home with her girls. She has great craft interviews on her Craft Sanity podcast. Pop over and give a listen.

Well, I've managed to waste most of the morning already. I've taken some stew beef out, but won't be making it Julia's way. Now it's off to the showers for me, then the garden where I will clip away all of the flox and trim the shrubs.