Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

It's a Snow Day today. What exactly does that mean to two olde retreads and their pets? It means that we don't go for our morning walk because the roads aren't plowed yet. It means that the activity at the bird feeders is on overload. It means that I check in with my BSS [big sister Sal] because she claims to worry about us when we have weather. I think she just wants to gloat.

Yes, Sal would be gloating because when we decided we were no longer going to be SnowBirds, she and her hubby purchased our Florida home. When I checked in this morning they were headed to Nokomis

beach for a walk. I feel so sorry for them, they are missing this nice winter wonderland.

Enuf said on that subject.

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to try a couple of new things on my next pair of toe up socks. I knew that it was the Zimmerman Sewn Cast Off, but I was unsure of the cast on. It's Judy Becker's Magic Cast On as demonstrated by Cat Brodhi on UTube. I'm not sure when I will be getting to that project, but know that I need some more DK or heavier weight wool socks real soon. As I wear my wool socks I wonder how many days everyone gets out of a washing. I always chuck my cloths into the wash when I change out of them. I wear sweaters several times between washing, as I do with sweatshirts too. It's a downright pain to hand wash socks and watch them dry............which in this house can take anywhere from 2 - 4 days unless I manage to hang them over the hot air register. So, is it ten pair, ten days? or twenty days or what?

I'm not doing as well as I would like on the eating plan. I can't stop thinking about food, and then I want some. Too bad there isn't a patch like there is for smoking. Problem is, there is still some junk food around here and the Yankee in me won't just pitch it in the trash. I am trying, I really am. Today so far, breakfast and lunch amounted to 503 calories. It doesn't look like we are going to get to walk today; it's raining now. The calorie counting program that I am using give a credit to daily calorie count for exercise. I'm not doing loops around our lake roads but at least I am out there, that's more than I could say for myself last week. Cheer me on - please.

Knitting, sewing and otherwise crafting are calling my name. When I finish and post this I think I will sit at the sewing machine and finish that little wall piece. It's a seasonal companion to one a friend gave me. Sue is a very talented machine quilter. She is handicapped by the loss of both legs, so spends her days at her machine. She is the only person I know who wears out high end sewing machines! She lives alone, is a snowbird and someone I greatly admire. I'll post a photo of both pieces next time.

I plodding along on the purple sweater. I've got around 13 inches of 16 done to get to the underarm. Then the three sections part ways and the rows will be shorter. And, the back won't have any lace to fuss with.

Sue, mentioned above, lives in Ossipee, NH and is an annual attendee at the Keepsake Quilting Annual Sale. She got me up there one year and wants me back again this year. The same folks who own Keepsake own Patternworks which is right next door, and also has a sale. We take our MH up to Sue's and camp out in her yard. She and I would be up before the crack of dawn and on the road. Himself and the pets could sleep in. What I do know is that there are deals to be had at Keepsake - deals that I probably should not partake of.