Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's Been Forever

I'm back. I gave up on blogging when I got discouraged trying to post photos. No matter what I tried I could not post more than one, and it never ended up where I wanted it to. A problem with my age? Who knows.

I've joined Ravelry and linked my profile there to this blog. I think it would be nice if my blog represented today rather than February 07, don't you? So, I'll try again.

I noticed today when I was viewing Zimmermaniacs that once we get the hang of the BSJ and how it turns into a sweater, we place our stripes where we want them. The first sweater is truly a surprise though. I've made two Baby Surprise and one of the earlier version that was a wrap. Now I've found the Machine Knitting version in MacKnit and am going to attempt it. I've not posted my Zimmerman sweaters, which also include a saddle shoulder for Z who was 5 at the time, but suppose I would do that too. One would think that being retired that I would have lots of time for this stuff.......................

Ask anyone who is retired about what goes on in their day. I've started to use a day book again to attempt to get back some of the hours that I seem to be losing along the way.

I notice that on Tuesday I have plans to take Z for his first cub scout uniform.
This scouting thing is getting DD into remembrance mode. Apparently she has 'scouted' around in her storage boxes and found her GS badges and some have yet to be sewed on and I guess some that are on need attention. Let me put that in my day book!

I'm working on the last few rows of a 3-6 month babe sweater for DD's neighbor who is due to deliver on the 21st. I've already turned over a BSJ which grandaughter A has excitedly given already, much to the surprise of her mom. DD did a short stint of babysitting for a neighbor child. In that A seems to think that Jake is her 'brother', she is somewhat put out by the fact that Grammie is knitting for a yet to be borned babe and has not yet knit a sweater for Jake. Day book again!

enuf, and no photo attempts